I’m Not The Only One Miffed About Google’s Use of DMOZ Descriptions

I\’m not the only one miffed about Google\’s use of the pathetic DMOZ descriptions. Take a look at and you\’ll find a ton of posts pleading for the practice to stop. Some have gone as far as trying to remove their DMOZ listings from the directory, but as we all know, getting OUT of DMOZ is even harder than getting in. Most requests fall into a black hole.


3 thoughts on “I’m Not The Only One Miffed About Google’s Use of DMOZ Descriptions

  1. Well, it’s not Google, but MSN Search has seen the light! Microsoft has introduced a new meta tag that will opt out of the use of Open Directory Project descriptions in MSN search results. To be honest, that hasn’t been a problem for me in MSN, just in Google. However, it is hoped that the other engines will follow and recognize the meta tag. So, if your pages sometimes come up with the dull, boring, gawd-awful ODP descriptions in MSN, add the following code (please note the extra underscores between the brackets. You’ll need to remove those when you place the code in your HTML. I had to put them there for the code to show up in WordPress).


    Keep your fingers crossed that Google will do the same.

    Now, if we could only opt out of Yahoo’s use of its directory descriptions in their SERPs. 😉

  2. Hurray! Google has finally seen the light and i supporting the “NO ODP” meta tag! I noticed it right after we added it the tag to the Frames Direct web site. Rather than a title that emphasized eyeglasses, sunglasses and eyewear, the horrid ODP editor’s version was showing up.

    Thank you Google!

    More here.

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