Addiction Intervention Services web site progress

Well, I deleted my original post on this by accident, so I’m including a copy of it below (Thank you, Google cache).

The Addiction Intervention Services site progress is good so far. We are ranking well for a lot of the targeted keywords and phrases (addiction intervention, addiction interventionist, etc. I’m tweaking pages and gaining backlinks as I can. Traffic is growing and calls are coming in. If I can get Jim Shelton, the interventionist, to provide some more content, we’ll really be rolling.

As mentioned in the original post, this site is being done on a shoetring. We’re seeing how we do against the bigger organizations with big budgets. We’ll be adding a video and perhaps some podcasts at some point.

Anyway, so far so good.

Original Post——————————————————————–

Thursday December 01st 2005, 7:31 am 

I’m working on a site for my partner who is an addiction interventionist. The shell design of the site has been up quite a while, but he’s just beginning to add content. Interestingly, the site is already showing up in Yahoo for certain phrases, lending weight to the notion that sites that have been crawlable for a while don’t get “sandboxed” like brand new domains do. This domain has been around a while, but with no content. 

As we add content, we’ll be watching how it does. The site is .

Most of the competition for the targeted keywords (addiction intervention, addiction intervention services, etc.) are much larger organizations with bigger budgets for SEO & SEM, challenging us to see what we can do on a relative shoestring. Here goes… ;-)



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