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Getting SEO RSS Feeds on Mobile Devices

The Web Optimist RSS channel on Avantgo Yes, I admit it. I still carry a cell phone AND a PDA. At one point I had a terrific Samsung PDA phone that ran on Palm OS and had just about the best voice quality of any phone I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, after I bought a weekend home in the mountains above Palm Springs I discovered that Sprint was a no show as far as cellular coverage in that area. I had a choice – get a landline for my weekends or go with one of the other wireless phone companies. Seemed everyone had coverage up there BUT Sprint.

So, I switched cellular providers, gave up my PDA phone (doesn’t the idea of phones locked to a carrier suck?) and got a non-PDA phone. After a few weeks of PDA withdrawal, I went out and got a Windows Mobile PDA. I just missed being able to sync up news, PDFs and so forth that I could read on the plane, waiting in line, etc. (I know. I need to get a life…).

Anyway, here’s a great, free way to get your SEO and other RSS feeds on your Blackberry, Smartphone or Windows mobile handheld.

Register for a free account at Avantgo, install the free software for your PC and mobile device (Sync and wireless) and create what Avantgo calls an RSS Channel. Basically, you just paste in the RSS feed URL and you’re set to go.

For instance, to read The Web Optimist on your handheld, you just create the RSS Channel with my RSS feed URL – What you’ll see is the image above. All of the links are live and you can even flip through a slide show of images.

The Web Optimist blog on a mobile phoneNaturally, this works for most RSS feeds. And, if you think you can just drop an RSS feed URL into a mobile browser, think again. Most won’t work. The Avantgo software reformats the content for you so that it will work.

I also want to point out The Web Optimist blog uses WordPress plugins that should make it accessible on web connected cell phones (see image at the left) and on the new iPhone.

So, now you’ve got no excuse. Take me with you wherever you go. Well, take my blog, anyway. 😉


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