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Get a Who’s Who Listing

The folks over at Website Magazine, a terrific publication covering online marketing and SEO that happens to be free (Subscribe here), are offering free publicity for your site in the form of a Who’s Who Directory.

If you haven’t visited the magazine’s web site, head over to to see what they’ve got to offer. While you’re there, click on the “Who’s Who” tab at the top of the page. if you scroll down you’ll see the directory listing that you can get in on.

Website Magazine's Who's Who Directory

Signing up is free and simple. They allow you to post information on your company site, including a 120×120 image, personal profiles, company photos and, as of this writing, a clean link back to your site (no link condom). And, you can add additional companies if you like.

Here’s what my listing looks like:

Web Optimist listing in the Who's Who Directory

Naturally, once you set up your account, you’ll see options for purchasing CPC advertising, but the basic directory listing is free, just like the magazine.

Networking and a free listing in one directory. You can’t beat it, so head on over and check it out.


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