One thought on “Twitter Updates for 2008-09-24

  1. Marci says:

    I agree. but you can see what he’s up to…
    William Katt has
    let out a comic book, with Chris Folino, called Sparks.
    Soon, Mythology Wars (Another Katt comic)will be out. And the Big news, William Katt
    is releasing the Greatest American Hero comic book in November!
    Here is the link.
    Tell them Marci Sent you.

    He has conventions he is going to go to
    so, keep your eyes peeled.
    and if you want to talk about the Greatest American Hero go here.
    We’re a great bunch and the bd has been very active for about 3 yrs.
    Yup! We chat GAH and keep up on where the gang will be!

    TV land Awards William Katt flies again!
    You want an update? I got it all! 🙂

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