Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-21

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-12-14: Web Optimist update: Twitter Wee.. http://tinyurl.com/5etjeu #
  • Watching documentary “Confessions of a Superhero” – geez, only in Los Angeles! #
  • Well, had to finally put the shorts away for the time being – rainy and chilly today – but they’ll probably come back out soon. #
  • @jillwhalen Yep, I also notice that Star Office is no longer available as a Google Pack item. Guess they want us to use Google Docs. in reply to jillwhalen #
  • For those interest – Eyewear Tips & Tricks – http://tinyurl.com/63c5pc #
  • @dannysullivan Geez, how can you torture yourself like this? Diet Coke is soooo goood! in reply to dannysullivan #
  • @bhartzer Gawd, that was bad! 😉 in reply to bhartzer #
  • Wow. Snow on the mountains is looking mighty purdy in the sunshine. #
  • @hunterheitzman Glad you liked the article. In addition to WebOptimist.com, I’m editor of FramesDirectBlog.com, The Eye Zone, too. in reply to hunterheitzman #
  • Another day of rain in the desert. Let’s see, that makes about three in 2008! #
  • @toddmintz I keep Chrome open on a second monitor with different Google accounts open in the various tabs. It’s great for that! in reply to toddmintz #
  • @bhartzer Hmmm. Interesting coincidence. My wine chiller broke this morning. I also didn’t realize how much I use it. 😉 in reply to bhartzer #
  • For anyone needing a last minute gift, FramesDirect.com now offers eyewear gift cards online http://tinyurl.com/6prdf9 #
  • @bhartzer No, seriously. My wine chiller really did break this morning. Fan was screeching, so I turned it off. Now won’t come back on 😦 in reply to bhartzer #
  • @bhartzer Bummer. No caffeine or alcohol. Guess we know what’s on our Christmas lists! in reply to bhartzer #
  • It’s about time the RIAA gave up their harrassment law suits – http://tinyurl.com/3pv5jc #
  • Bummer. The built in wine chiller in my kitchen went out and it’s no longer made. Having a hard time finding something that fits! #

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