Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-11: Web Optimist update: Twitter Wee.. http://tinyurl.com/7ko5wg #
  • @mashable Karl Rove, huh? Let’s see, how many four letter words can I squeeze into a tweet…. 😉 in reply to mashable #
  • Tossed my Belkin Wi-Fi Phone w/ Skype in a drawer for good. Tried for 2 years to find a use for it, but no browser = no good away from home #
  • @dannysullivan Try closing Firefox and then reopen it. Firefox frequently refuses to log me in. Only way I have found to “reboot” it. in reply to dannysullivan #
  • @lorenbaker Yep, I’ve had young whippersnappers giggle at my Google Dance tees as well. They just don’t have a clue. A Google…dance? LOL in reply to lorenbaker #
  • Wow, 80s here again today. Looks like shorts and a tee shirt again. #
  • Web Optimist update: Skype Releases Android Version, But Not What We Expected: So, Skype has.. http://tinyurl.com/7u7zrf #
  • Just saw “Day the Earth Stood Still” at the Imax. OK, but best part was the trailer for the new Star Trek flick. Cool it’ll be Imax release! #
  • I’m playing with the Facebook Connect plugin on my blog, so if you get an invitation to SEO in The Desert, that’s why! #
  • Once again, I live in Palm Springs for this – 86 degrees on January 14! Not a cloud in the sky. Can’t say it’s like this every day, but wow! #
  • The new Knight Rider is growing on me, but I wish they’d ditch the Transformers crap. It’s just too much! #
  • Hot Topic at The Eye Zone – What are the eyeglasses Paula Abdul is wearing on American Idol? Anyone know? http://tinyurl.com/8zs279 #
  • Fall is here! The desert is fantastic! #
  • OK, disregard y last tweet. That was reposted from an old MySpace status message by mistake. Definitely NOT fall, though it feels like it! #
  • @oilman Wow. Definitely NOT a good way to start the day! Glad no one was hurt. in reply to oilman #
  • @BrentDPayne Be sure to tweet the one you like the best. I’d love to know! in reply to BrentDPayne #
  • Tryin VoxOx, a multi-connection (phone, IM, etc.) package, but it’s soooooo slow on Vista I might have to ditch it. Looks good, though. 😉 #
  • Facebook & Burger King showdown over friends vs free burgers – http://tinyurl.com/8t5qjh – WOuld you delete a friend for a free burger? #
  • Circuit City to Liquidate Remaining US Stores – http://tinyurl.com/aybfu5 #
  • Web Optimist update: Links for 2009-01-14 [Digg]:
    Facebook Kills Whopper Sacrifice. We Can.. http://tinyurl.com/833n8r #
  • Web Optimist update: The Big Event [Flickr]: weboptimist posted a photo:

    Oct. 11, 2008 .. http://tinyurl.com/8joby9 #

  • Web Optimist update: The Big Event [Flickr]: weboptimist posted a photo:

    Oct. 11, 2008 .. http://tinyurl.com/8cluxy #

  • I really have to give a lot of credit to the tug boat crews who headed straight to downed US Airways jet in the Hudson River. Great work! #
  • I’m feeling like a little kid on Christmas eve waiting for the new Battlestar Galactica tonight! #
  • Fantastic day! Joined a large group of friends for lunch at a great restaurant. It was outdoors – 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky! 🙂 #
  • Web Optimist update: Patio Remodel #6 [Flickr]: weboptimist posted a photo:

    Another sho.. http://tinyurl.com/6wojnw #

  • Web Optimist update: Patio Remodel #5 [Flickr]: weboptimist posted a photo:

    Another sho.. http://tinyurl.com/9bz94l #

  • Web Optimist update: Model Eyewear Video for Facebook Fan Page [Flickr]: weboptimist posted .. http://tinyurl.com/9zfhyc #

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