Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22

  • @jessicabowman $5k? Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s soooo funny! The scary part is that they are obviously serious. Geez… #
  • Love it! Rick Sanchez was just called CNN’s chief Twit! #
  • @randfish Bummer…kinds makes me wish I was entry-level! Good luck and I envy the new hire! 😉 #
  • Re-pinging @randfish: http://tinyurl.com/ah2sjx – SEOmoz is hiring for a talented, entry-level SEO. Come join the team! (RT appreciated) #
  • Gawd I am so sick today. I just want to jump off the peak of Mt. San Jacinto and get it over…cough, cough 😦 #
  • Crappy week. Started off with a skin cancer burned off my eyebrow and now I’ve got the flu. MISERY! #
  • A warning to sales people who even THINK about calling me to sell their “unique” optimization, marketing or software – DON’T. I’ll hang up! #
  • NOTHING irritates me more than cold callers interrupting my work to try to sell me something. Send me an e-mail. If interested, I call you. #
  • Just got back from doctor who sent me for chest x-ray. I’ve had pneumonia in the past and this does feel a lot like it. Hope not… #
  • @neoblog Glad to have you back in good old Pacific Time. Thanks for the Facebook connect! in reply to neoblog #
  • Great! A new Battlestar Galactica and in HD! A nice distraction from a totally miserable week! #
  • @neoblog Naw, I’ve been hooked to a 37″ flat screen for a year. Really spoils ya! in reply to neoblog #
  • @matt_mcgowan I’m still giving “Milk” the thumbs up, but expect “Slumdog” to win. in reply to matt_mcgowan #
  • Gawd, I wish this crud I got would go away. Feeling better, but only back up to about 60%. Still coughing & weak. GO AWAY! #
  • The Sci Fi Channel has some terrific series, but why are their original movies all so awful? Pure crap… #

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