Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12: Retweeting @mashable: UPDATE: Tw.. http://tinyurl.com/nfu3rf #
  • Retweeting @framesdirect: Austin Job: Lead Developer for online eyewear superstore. http://is.gd/1xkdb #
  • Peter Tork on Jackson's Fame And Great Misfortune – Courant.com – http://shar.es/Y0jP #
  • Web Optimist update: Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore: Is the goal of SEO to .. http://tinyurl.com/lx38nq #
  • Web Optimist update: Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore: Is the goal of SEO to .. http://tinyurl.com/lx38nq. #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: posted, How The AP Fails To Get Search & SEO (Again), http://bit.ly/ga8og #
  • Sorry, but I find the telemarketing style calls from SES quite annoying. I hope to attend SES San Jose, but don't need calls to remind me… #
  • Anyone have any experience with someone else's coupon showing up in Google Local/Maps? Ours in correct in admin, but other shows on page. #
  • Message to Google Local/Maps: That forum you refer to as "Support" is a joke. NO ONE gets questions answered, it appears. SHAME on you! #
  • @oilman Gawd, I know the feeling. iTunes only sees my iPhone when the moon is full and Steve Jobs has a new liver… in reply to oilman #
  • Guest post by Tom Shivers at The Web Optimist – Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore – http://is.gd/1zQ82 #
  • Retweeting @matt_mcgowan: Battle Royale: Batman and Superman Take on NYPD http://bit.ly/15jNBH – only in NYC! #
  • Yep, when I see someone described "Sales Development Specialist" or some such viewed my LinkedIn profile, I can expect a call I don't want. #
  • Just listed myself at http://localtweeps.com in ZIP/Postal District 92270. List yourself to find (and get found by) tweeps near you! #
  • Wow, Chrome just hung big time, requiring reboot. Strange. I know, I'll blame it on Windows Vista! 😉 #
  • Let's see: News sites start charging, readership dries up, ads dry up, content is hidden from search engines, news sites go out of business. #
  • So, newspapers think charging for content will save them? Here's a really nice post about why that isn't going to work. http://is.gd/1Cim7 #
  • RT @VisionAnswers: You may need to lean in closer to your screen to read this article on myopia (short-sightedness): http://ow.ly/gArU #
  • RT @syfy : I'm giving away our exclusive Syfy Comic-Con bags to 10 random people who RT this note by Monday. #
  • At Palm Springs airport waiting for flight to Dallas then on to Hattiesburg, MS to visit my mother. Already miss home! Back Monday. #
  • At DFW airport sitting in plane. Might miss my connection if the damned plane in our gate doesn't move! C'mon American Airlines! Move it! #
  • Ran like Hell to catch connecting flight only to find it running late. You've really made my day, American Airlines! 😦 #
  • Made it to Hattiesburg, but my luggage didn't. Thanks for a rotten trip so far, American Airlines! #
  • Darn. Just got my Google Voice invite the one time I can't do anything about it. Offline mostly until Tuesday. So frustratingly bad timing! #
  • American Airlines, you told me at 7 am that my lost suitcase was found and be delivered to hotel by 6 pm. It's 9:09 pm & no bag! FAIL! #
  • Every Republican in congress who thinks government run health care is evil HAS gov run healthcare! And they love it!! (via @HalSparks) #
  • American Airlines, WHY Fedex my bag to my hotel on Friday night? Fedex doesn't deliver on weekends & I return to Palm Springs Monday. STUPID #
  • I now see why the airlines are in such trouble…charge extra for a single suitcase to be checked, lose it, deliver it AFTER trip is over… #
  • – I am totally convinced that the American Airline baggage service is inept if they deliver bags to destinations AFTER YOU LEAVE! #idiots #

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