Bill Hartzer: Why Music Education Should be in Every Classroom

Bill Hartzer
Why Music Education Should be in Every Classroom –…
What kind of classes are you taking? Music Theory is one of the toughest. Here is how music education should be a part of every class. – Bill Hartzer

Organic Link Building

Link building tips
Link building doesn’t have to be all about begging. Try building relationships and self branding instead.

Ask just about any SEO what their least favorite part of search engine optimization and a lot of them will give link building as the answer. Begging for links from authority sites is no one’s idea of fun. Rejection feels so, well, rejected!

Building organic links to your site is something that we’d all like to put on auto pilot as much as possible. There are ways to do this, but they can be different depending on whether your site is brand spanking new or a seasoned veteran.

So, we’ll divide these tips and suggestions into two parts: New Sites and Established Sites.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26:
    Last night of my visit to see .. #
  • – Finally got around to watching Watchmen. Great special effects, but very long and drawn out story. Disappointing ending. #
  • Ridiculous, IMHO – EU court rules 11 word snippets can be copyright infringement (via @dannysullivan) #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: reading, AP Doesn’t Know Its Protection Tech Doesn’t Protect, #
  • Retweeting @framesdirect: Heavy computer user? Check out Computer Glasses – #
  • So, Sarah Palin is going to write a book. Can any of her followers read? #
  • – I really HATE all DVDs that FORCE you to watch previews with no way to get around them. Hate it, hate it, hate it! #
  • RT @Techmeme: Apple Is Growing Rotten To The Core: Official Google Voice App Blocked … (Jason Kincaid/TechCrunch) #
  • VoxOx 2 launched! – RT for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card. Rules: #
  • Retweeting @mashable: Google Voice Thoroughly Banned From the iPhone; So Much for an Open Platform – #
  • RT@framesdirect: Next Twitter giveaway will be for a pair of Angel Decadent Sunglasses. Follow @framesdirect to win! #
  • William Shatner Recites Sarah Palin’s Farewell Speech In The Style of Beat Poetry – (What a ditz!) Shatner is hilarious! #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: posted, AP: “We’re Done” Answering Questions About Fair Use & Our Rights System, #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: posted, AP: “We’re Done” Answering Questions About Fair Use & Our Rights System, #
  • – Hmmm, with the Yahoo/Microsoft deal, bet we're looking at a ton of additional layoffs – no more Yahoo Search team and related staff… #
  • @dannysullivan Yep, sad, but remember Yahoo was originally a directory and not a search engine. Back then, though we didn't know difference. in reply to dannysullivan #
  • @dannysullivan Wow, you actually talked to someone at AP? That in itself is a miracle. 🙂 in reply to dannysullivan #
  • Super cool sounding Web Editor job at JPL. The geek in me is salivating over this one … #
  • Web Optimist update: Call for Guest SEO Blog Articles:

    Got something to say? Guest.. #

  • Web Optimist update: Call for Guest SEO Blog Articles: Got something to say? Guest.. #
  • @mattcutts Aw, c'mon, Matt. You know Google will come out ahead in the deal! It's like Diet Rite & Tab competing with Diet Coke. No contest. in reply to mattcutts #
  • Found out the hard way that docking stations for the iPhone 3G don't like my original iPhone. Darn. I found a really cool one, too. 😦 #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: tomorrow (7/30) seachcast returns for a special microhoo (binghoo?) edition. 4pm PT here #
  • What is SEO and why should I care about it? – – An article I did for Search Engine Journal is referenced and linked. #
  • @kalena You've got a point. What happens with the Yahoo Directory with the #binghoo deal? in reply to kalena #
  • Retweeting @kalena: Forward-thinking blog post by @randfish – Top 10 Things the Microsoft Yahoo Deal Change for SEO #
  • – Thank you. It has been lovely, but I have to scream now… #
  • @HalSparks Hey, I grew up in Houston and . . . you're right. in reply to HalSparks #
  • RT@HalSparks: Did radio show this morning that Barbara Bush listens to religiously… Eek! Next I'll be in W's favorite coloring book! #
  • RT@BrentDPayne: RT @coplandmj: The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis must be regretting their initials right now. So u Google it . #
  • RT@BrentDPayne: Need referrals 4 PPC Manager (significant experience only). Inhouse role. $70K. Tribune Company, ad clients campaigns tho. #
  • @rossdunn Come to Palm Springs. All of the old ladies look like that. 😉 in reply to rossdunn #
  • If you're one of my Twitter followers who is on LinkedIn and we haven't connected yet, my profile is #
  • @dannysullivan What about the Yahoo Directory? in reply to dannysullivan #
  • @dannysullivan Thanks for the info Danny. Loved special Searchcast! Miss it! in reply to dannysullivan #
  • Danny Sullivan confirmed that the Yahoo Directory won't be going anywhere, so all of you with $299 burning a hole in your pockets, go for it #
  • RT@HalSparks: I'm jealous of Sarah Palin. I want William Shatner to read my tweets! I'll stop using verbs and conjunctions too.Might help 🙂 #
  • – Finishing with MacGyver Season 2 DVD series. Loved that show and I hear there's a movie in the works. Can't wait! #
  • Anyone else having problems with Google Base feeds? All of a sudden all are "Disapproved" and nothing is live! #
  • @oilman Hope your Lasik holds. After five years I was back to glasses. in reply to oilman #
  • Austin Job: Marketing Director for, the online leader in eyewear sales. (via @framesdirect) #
  • Interesting. On local cable channel 67 we have "Batman Begins" and on channel 68 we have "Superman Returns" – weird… #
  • Whoever dreamed up adding wrestling to the now unfortunately renamed SyFy channel should be strung up by their tag team. Soooo stupid! #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12: Retweeting @mashable: UPDATE: Tw.. #
  • Retweeting @framesdirect: Austin Job: Lead Developer for online eyewear superstore. #
  • Peter Tork on Jackson's Fame And Great Misfortune – – #
  • Web Optimist update: Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore: Is the goal of SEO to .. #
  • Web Optimist update: Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore: Is the goal of SEO to .. #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: posted, How The AP Fails To Get Search & SEO (Again), #
  • Sorry, but I find the telemarketing style calls from SES quite annoying. I hope to attend SES San Jose, but don't need calls to remind me… #
  • Anyone have any experience with someone else's coupon showing up in Google Local/Maps? Ours in correct in admin, but other shows on page. #
  • Message to Google Local/Maps: That forum you refer to as "Support" is a joke. NO ONE gets questions answered, it appears. SHAME on you! #
  • @oilman Gawd, I know the feeling. iTunes only sees my iPhone when the moon is full and Steve Jobs has a new liver… in reply to oilman #
  • Guest post by Tom Shivers at The Web Optimist – Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore – #
  • Retweeting @matt_mcgowan: Battle Royale: Batman and Superman Take on NYPD – only in NYC! #
  • Yep, when I see someone described "Sales Development Specialist" or some such viewed my LinkedIn profile, I can expect a call I don't want. #
  • Just listed myself at in ZIP/Postal District 92270. List yourself to find (and get found by) tweeps near you! #
  • Wow, Chrome just hung big time, requiring reboot. Strange. I know, I'll blame it on Windows Vista! 😉 #
  • Let's see: News sites start charging, readership dries up, ads dry up, content is hidden from search engines, news sites go out of business. #
  • So, newspapers think charging for content will save them? Here's a really nice post about why that isn't going to work. #
  • RT @VisionAnswers: You may need to lean in closer to your screen to read this article on myopia (short-sightedness): #
  • RT @syfy : I'm giving away our exclusive Syfy Comic-Con bags to 10 random people who RT this note by Monday. #
  • At Palm Springs airport waiting for flight to Dallas then on to Hattiesburg, MS to visit my mother. Already miss home! Back Monday. #
  • At DFW airport sitting in plane. Might miss my connection if the damned plane in our gate doesn't move! C'mon American Airlines! Move it! #
  • Ran like Hell to catch connecting flight only to find it running late. You've really made my day, American Airlines! 😦 #
  • Made it to Hattiesburg, but my luggage didn't. Thanks for a rotten trip so far, American Airlines! #
  • Darn. Just got my Google Voice invite the one time I can't do anything about it. Offline mostly until Tuesday. So frustratingly bad timing! #
  • American Airlines, you told me at 7 am that my lost suitcase was found and be delivered to hotel by 6 pm. It's 9:09 pm & no bag! FAIL! #
  • Every Republican in congress who thinks government run health care is evil HAS gov run healthcare! And they love it!! (via @HalSparks) #
  • American Airlines, WHY Fedex my bag to my hotel on Friday night? Fedex doesn't deliver on weekends & I return to Palm Springs Monday. STUPID #
  • I now see why the airlines are in such trouble…charge extra for a single suitcase to be checked, lose it, deliver it AFTER trip is over… #
  • – I am totally convinced that the American Airline baggage service is inept if they deliver bags to destinations AFTER YOU LEAVE! #idiots #

Why More Traffic Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Guest Post by Tom Shivers

The focus of SEO should be audience engagement
The focus of SEO should be audience engagement.

With more complex algorithms that factor in local, personal and universal search features, search rankings are not always consistent. Today’s results often depend on a user’s location, their search history and their behavior with the search results – sometimes you can see different search results for the same search terms, even on two different computers in the same location.

One question many businesses have when hunting for a search engine optimization (SEO) company is, “Will this company know us and our audience well enough to turn our web business into something profitable, worthy of our investment?” Unfortunately, it’s not easy to discern the answer before you are three months into an agreement.

Web Traffic vs. Engagement

Is the goal of SEO to get as much traffic as possible to a website? Many SEO companies will lead you to believe that more traffic is all there is to it. Granted, getting more traffic is a part of it, but more eyeballs on a web page do not necessarily mean achieving your business goals.

Look at your web analytics – specifically the keywords that brought in the majority of traffic – then evaluate the quality of this traffic over the past month or quarter.  A high bounce rate and low average time on site for visits from a particular keyword can indicate one or all of these:

  • Searcher cannot find anything relevant to her keyword and bounces.

  • Searcher may find something relevant, but the page does not communicate directly with her intent… so she bounces.

  • The keyword is not relevant for the site.

 Let me suggest that the focus of SEO should be audience engagement, rather than traffic. According to Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified, “Engagement is an estimate of the depth of visitor interaction against a clearly defined set of goals.” That’s pretty clear: Without specific goals, driving more traffic to your website sounds like a good option.

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SEO, Training

SEO 101: Twitter Twips, uh, Tips for Tweeps

SEO 101 Twitter Tips
Twitter has become an important communications tool. Here are some tips to optimize your tweets.

Who would have thought? I have to admit that when Twitter was first launched, I was one of those folks who thought it was downright silly. Who cares that you’re sitting in a coffee shop texting a 140 character status report? Sheesh. Bound to disappear in a few months…

Wow, was I ever wrong. Twitter has taken the world by storm, providing communications for everything from patriots in repressed regimes to emergency information services. And, yes, you’ve still got those nerds tweeting about sipping a latte at Starbucks, too. Oh, well…

Twitter has been a natural magnet for SEOs and Internet marketing tweeple, er, people.  Twitter allows an unprecidented way for an individual or company to get immediate insight from around the world, allow you to break out of your social group (follow friends of friends, industry leaders), grow your channel of distribution and build your brand.

Here’s a list of twips, er, uh, tips to make your tweeting twouble fwee, ah, er, uh, trouble free! Continue reading