Matt Cutts at PubCon South

Live from Austin PubCon, March 12, 2009:

Google software engineer and spam cop,  Matt Cutts, also the search giant’s spokesperson to the SEO world, gave the keynote address for the second day of PubCon South with the announcement of the Google Friend Connect API, which will integrate accounts like OpenID, Google, Yahoo or AOL Instant Messenger to make leaving comments on blogs easier.

It’s not just for blogs, but can be used for forums and other CMS systems, too. The idea is to make it easier to leave comments without having to constantly type in user names and passwords, etc.  Ultimately this will also combat spam.

Matt said that Open Source plugins for WordPress, Drupal and phpBB will be released later today. Matt says since these are Open Source, improvements from the SEO world for these plugins are welcome.

The API will allow you to join web sites so that you don’t have to log in each time to leave comments.

This was Matt’s eighth PubCon, including the very first.

Matt’s blog for SEO and related issues is .  More information on the Google Friend Connect API will be available on his blog later today.


Guy Kawasaki at PubCon Austin

Live from Austin PubCon, March 11, 2009:

Guy Kawasaki of said he was late to blogging. First year was easy because he just regurgitated his existing content. Second year was tough. Third year he hit the wall. Then, he discovered Twitter.

“I was born to tweet!”

It took him a month or two to figure it out. At first, it was “what is this crap?” Only 140 characters?

Now he says, do you know how much better the world would be if all communications was limited to 140 characters?

“Twitter for me is a weapon to promote I believe I have to tweet high value, very informative links so that people will tolerate my promotion of Alltop.” is Kawasaki’s topic related “magazine” site.

The moment you go to and search for yourself or company, you open yourself up to finding conversations, he says.

One of his favorite tools is Twitter Hawk which always looks for a string, drafts auto tweet and sends to persons looking for that string. Twitter Hawk records that it sent a tweet to a Twit and will not send to that person again. It also costs .05 each to send the tweets to help reduce spamming. Check it out at .

Isn’t this spamming?

“If I do it, it’s good marketing. If someone does it to me, it’s spam,” Guy says with a smile.

Another great utility he recommends is Tynt. With Tynt, you copy a line of javascript into you blog code. When someone copies text from your blog, an attribution link (your blog) shows up. Great for content theft because it drives traffic back to you and it provides a management console where you can see what is being copied. Check out .

And, Guy thinks that the more dumb an idea, the more likely it is to work, citing examples of ideas that sound so far out that they sound ridiculous, but are successful.

His current book is Reality Check and his web site is .


PPC/SEM Specialist in Austin - Eyeglasses OnlineThe company that I do SEO for, is looking for a Pay Per Click/Shopping Site Feed Specialist to work out of their Austin office full-time. You can go to the company blog, The Eye Zone, and read the Austin job opening there.

Let me explain a bit about the position. It is 100% PPC. There is absolutely no SEO involved other than collaborating with the SEO (me) to do paid marketing in areas where we are weak on the organic side of the aisle. The eyeglasses superstore is rapidly expanding into a lot of shopping sites, PPC advertising and e-mail marketing venues and needs someone who is experienced and can give total focus to optimizing product feeds and ads.

This means that if you are with a PPC/SEM firm or an SEO who dabbles in PPC, do not bother. This is an in-house position with no SEO involved. The company wants someone who can work side by side with their web designer to create and test landing pages out of their Austin office.

Pitches and resumes from firms and SEOs will be discarded. And, since I am screening the resumes for the company before I send them to the CEO, I am the one they go through first.

Just wanted to point this out. Again, this is NOT an SEO position. I have been splitting my time doing SEO, PPC and working on feeds. The company is growing to the point that someone who can handle the paid end of things full-time is needed so that I can concentrate on organic SEO, the blog and press relations.