LinkedIn Tip for SEO Job Seekers

Example of the LinkedIn Job is a terrific resource for networking, keeping up with folks and finding resources. For me, it has become a tool that I use in my day to day work and is, well, indispensable.

But, it can also be a powerful tool in your job search. And yes, there are a ton of SEOs out there looking. I found this out first hand when the company I work for advertised for an assistant for me. LinkedIn already provides the option of a customizable Job Search application for the right navigation area of your account (image left). For example, you can plug in your job title (SEO in this case) and your zip code to find local opportunities. So, for instance, today I find 10 jobs in the LinkedIn network and 453 on the web for a non-localized search.

However, to expand your search even more, don’t limit yourself to this application. Instead, try the Search Jobs section of the search field at the top of every LinkedIn page (image below). Searching for “SEO” as a keyword will bring a wider range of results. As I write this, I get 101 LinkedIn network jobs and 3,274 on the web (again, a non-localized search).  A big difference!

Where to find the LinkedIn Job Search

And, by using the Advanced Search option, you can customize your search to include different criteria like industry, language, etc. It is a quite powerful tool.

Good luck!