SEO Manager Wanted in Renton, WA

I get a lot of communications from recruiters looking for in-house SEOs. Some look pretty good, some less than so.

I just received one that really looks like an opportunity for some search engine optimization expert who is in the market for a new position. Frankly, this one looks like a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, it’s in Renton, WA and, even if they offered me twice what I make now (and I have no idea what the salary offered will be), I am not in a position to relocate at this time. 😦

The position is with Classmates.com, which I use regularly as a paid subscriber. I credit the service with recently getting me back in contact with my best friend in high school who I lost touch with about twenty-five years ago.

So, get your resumes ready and good luck! Here it is: Continue reading